Here's are common questions asked about and our answers.

Why is it free? Is there a catch?

No catch, GOL Network is entirely free for teams and players. Our highest priority is to make sure that it's easy for anyone to find a team and play sports.
Our revenue is generated by:

  • Charging leagues a fee for management features.
  • Charging sponsors for a marketing fee for displaying their logo and their promotions.

Rest assured that your data is safe with us as we will not share your information to third parties. Read our strong commitment to privacy.

How can I join?

Click on Join now!

Why another social network?

There's currently a wide range of social networks that allows people to connect with friends and collegues at work. As of today, nothing exists that allows you to connect with your current or future sports life. For example, how can you find the teams you've played with or want to play with? will allow you to connect with existing teammates or find new teammates. We make this experience a lot of fun.

Team managers can organize their team's roster and track game availability very effectively.

League managers can oversee all aspects of their league (games, fields, suspensions, ...) at a much lower cost then traditional sports management software.

Why do I see things like (C) - (C,M) - (M) next to a player's name?

For team sports, we use three letters C,A,M to identify the following roles:

responsible for leading the team on field, talking to referees and making great plays!
helps team captain lead the team. If the captain is absent for a game, one of these guys usually take his place.
manages the team logistics. He is responsible for making sure enough players make the game, finances and more.

If letters are combined, for example (C,M), this means the player is both the captain and team manager. It's a common combo since for most recreational teams, one person manages a lot!