HELP » League Name Abbreviation

When displaying a league or tournament, we prefer to abbreviate the name to a maximum of 8 characters.
The abbreviation includes a number (e.g. SL#5) so that people can easily identify this tournament.

You are not required to use an abbreviation but we strongly recommend using one.

Tips to choose your abbreviation

  1. Following the common practice of abbreviating words, if your league is called the Super League, choose SL as your abbreviation.
  2. If you have multiple seasons during the year, add '-W' or '-S' at the end of your abbreviation.
    • SL-S abbreviation for "Super League (Summer)"
    • SL-W abbreviation for "Super League (Winter)"
  3. The abbreviation number indicates how many times you've organized this league or tournament.
    For example, SL-S#6 would be interpreted by people as "Super League (Summer) 6th edition".
    We will allow in the future to display this number as roman numerals (SL-SVI).